Gossens Bachman Architects

This is the third iteration of the GBA website to be designed and built by Okay Plus. The site has evolved from a table-based, Dreamweaver-built relic of its era, to a fast and modern web presence suitable of representing this award-winning architecture firm in Central Vermont.

The site is designed to showcase the wonderful photography of Jim Westphalen, Gary Hall, and others, while providing the user with an intuitive interface for exploring their vast body of work.

Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation

Gold ADDY® Award, AAF Metro Phoenix, April 2011

The Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation is a charitable organization founded by the owners of Discount Tire. They work with a variety of causes, including social justice, arts & education, and the environment, through collaborations with like-minded philanthropists and non-profits.

This expansive website includes a national directory of resources, a library of videos, and an interactive “Giving Footprint.” The homepage rotates through a series of striking images, designed to destroy the apathy and hopelessness surrounding some of these issues.

iFactor Consulting

iFactor Consulting is a technology company developing products for the country’s largest utilities. Their products use the power of the Smart Grid to put information in the hand’s of the utilities’ customers. Park&Co was contracted to redevelop their brand and bring their website up-to-date.

After the new branding was complete, my role was to develop the look for the new website. I created a variety of designs that highlighted the high-tech nature of their business, as well how their products integrate into the lives of their end users.


MeetingsIn, e.g. Meetings in London, Meetings in Barcelona.

This client had a powerful event booking search platform, along with a large database of travel-related content. We provided them with a fresh look, which unified their branding, editorial content and search application. Project deliverables included design comps for a variety of potential page layouts, as well as front-end code that was integrated with their proprietary platform by an in-house team.

EcoDriving Solutions

This project involved design and development of a custom WordPress theme for a company that delivers driver training to organizations with large fleets of vehicles. The audience for the site is fleet managers, financial officers, and environmental responsibility officers.

The goal with the design is to convey that “Ecodriving” makes economical sense, by saving money in fuels cost, while at the same time providing additional ecological and social benefits.

Coca-Cola Smart

Coca-Cola Smart is a platform for food service distributors to learn about the next-generation Freestyle soft drink dispenser, as well place product orders, and get support. We worked with an e-learning specialist to develop training modules and videos to familiarize distributors with this new product.

Resolution Copper Mining

This is a website we launched for a copper mine in Superior, AZ. The Sustainable Development Report is an annual report highlighting their achievements in a variety of areas such as environment, community, etc.

The client wanted to do something different this year, and our solution is a pretty large departure from the style and tone they typically employ. We added interactivity wherever possible, and also produced videos for the welcome page and the environment section.

For me, the highlights of the site are the animated “sustainability wheel” on the homepage, as well as the Safety section graphic. Both were developed using jQuery and Raphael.js.

Meritus Healthcare

Air Integrated approached me looking for someone to design and develop a series of landing pages for Meritus Healthcare. I provided them with a flexible system which allows them to customize imagery and messaging to target specific audiences. Each of the fully responsive templates targets customers in a specific step of the sales funnel, and includes a clear call-to-action to draw the user to the next step.

di Stefano Landscaping

We’ve all heard the saying many times before: “Family and business don’t mix.” But having grown up working on my parents tree farm and nursery, and waiting tables at the family-owned italian restaurant, being involved in the family business has always just been a fact of life. So when my brother’s landscaping company was expanding and needed a marketing presence which would reflect the high-quality work they were producing, I jumped at the opportunity.

The website we created is built on the WordPress platform, with a fully-custom responsive theme. We combined tasteful typography, beautiful photos, and animation to create an immersive experience that highlights the award-winning landscape design and maintenance work.