Akos Major

I am completely obsessed with this photography. Akos Major is a 37-year-old freelance graphic designer and amateur photographer. His spare compositions, symmetry, and muted colors create this quiet, almost frozen state. I can’t stop staring.

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Tall Tales From a Large Man

I saw Aaron Draplin speak at ASU last night. It was a great talk; a great experience all around. I hadn’t been in Business Administration C since Econ 101 in ’98. It was a familiar feeling sitting down in that lecture hall, but the presentation was all new. Aaron delivered fun, refreshing stories about design, living a passionate life, and being open to the opportunities that surround you.

Mailchimp Designer Templates

Designer Templates | MailChimp.com

It’s hard to get excited about email templates, but this new design for MailChimp, by Veerle Pieters is just fantastic.

XTRABOLD™ – Nelson Balaban

Pleased to share the amazing work of XTRABOLD.



Nice work from Swedish graphic designer, Jens Nilsson. Check it out!