Calendar fun

In a valiant attempt to suddenly become organized in regards to my time, and by extension my life, I have just set up, synchronized, updated, and published my future online. I know I’m a huge geek, but I really do think this could help me. As long as I don’t spend more time fiddling with different tools, feeds, protocols etc., than I do actually using the god-damn thing then I should be fine. Really, I just set up three tools to talk to each other:

  2. Google Calendar
  3. Basecamp

I use iCal to post all my personal events, Basecamp to keep track of work, and Google to access it all from anywhere. The only drawback to this set-up is that I can’t edit my iCal events from within Google Calendar (i.e. when I’m at work). I am publishing my iCal calendars to .Mac, but the web inteface for .Mac is horrible, only allowing you to view one calendar at a time without editing. Maybe eventually I will move my personal calendars to Google Calendar, but for now I like how iCal feels.

It seems like there should be a way to have all of my calendars in one central place, such as a folder on this webserver, which I could then link to from any calendar tool, whether it was an application, a web page, or a cell phone. The current situation only lets you “subscribe” to calendars, which means you can’t edit or save events in the central repository. We need two-way communication between all these different services.

Any ideas out there?